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little boy with glasses in 1964 standing in front of his home

A Collective Iowa Scrapbook

Any photography geeks out there that are as old as I can remember the film company “Fortepan.” Yes, this was back in the day (a phrase I get to use now that I’m over 60), when you bought a roll of film, installed it in your camera and then went out taking pictures until the

geolocation on UNI's campus

The Mainstreet 360º tool

Geolocating “old” photos to the exact perspective of the original photographs. and precisely matching them to modern-day 360º panoramas. The Fortepan.us team is working towards a new 3D mapping application for the Fortepan.us that displays superimposed, geolocated archival photos onto an existing streetscape (360° photos). The prototype will be built to visualize the University of

Hatching one of Webster City’s Most Famous Businesses

Baby chicks, boy scout contests, summers on Clear Lake, travel to numerous national parks across the country: the McMurray family collection (1888-1954) – donated by Doug McMurray – captures the prosperity and influence of a prominent Webster City family.   Iowans may have heard about the Murray McMurray Hatchery, which was established in 1917 in a